How Are Custom Metal Signs Made? – Blogging Information

How Are Custom Metal Signs Made? – Blogging Information


It is the material that you’ll use. In this video, the fabrication process uses 14 gauge steel. This steel sheet is loaded on to an X-ray table, then fastened.

The plan is then drawn up on a laptop computer, using digital software. The designer uploads the drawing into the machine for cutting and makes sure all of the cutting paths are lined up. After the design is set, the plasma cutter is run to cut the metal.

Cut the cut-outs off from the table. The towel is utilized to dry, wash and sand. The fabricators use a hand-polisher to ensure that the sign is precise. If the business chose a raw metal sign it’s the end of the road.

If the firm wants the sign to be painted, a coat of surface cleaner and Acetone are added to the sign after sanding. Coats of paint are then put on and the sign is left out in the sun for the duration of drying. The sign is placed on a backer made of plastic which is then cut and glued to on the back to let the colors shine.

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