Incredible Guns of the Future – Rad Center

Incredible Guns of the Future – Rad Center


Countries are always trying to create the most advanced weaponry that would give them an advantage when fighting. They are spending billions each year on firearm development and testing. In this clip, you’ll be able to see the latest and most futuristic new weaponry. They are not currently accessible for purchase. These guns are available for purchase in a gun store.

Gunfights are often held in the halls of the buildings. The reason for this is that there was a need for the Corner Shot was developed. The Corner Shot allows soldiers to fire from corners and avoid being struck with gunfire. To observe areas, the rear of the barrel is turned. An image is relayed onto the display by an camera that is located close to the view.

Drones have emerged as a factor that must be fought for in the battlefield of today. To fight this threat issue, it was developed the Kalashinikov REX-1 Anti-Drone Gun was invented. It will block satellite as well as other signals at the distance of 5 km from the target. Simply point your gun at the target and hit it. It will return towards the ground once the disturbance is over.


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