An Introduction to Using ExactFlat for Insulation Covers – Work Flow Management

An Introduction to Using ExactFlat for Insulation Covers – Work Flow Management


rs is used to block the sound and heat from passing through the mechanical components.

3 layers of insulation should be carefully designed to ensure the effectiveness of removable insulation blankets. These layers consist of the hot face layer as well as a protective, thermal material. The process of designing these layers is laborious due to their complex structure. But, by automating and processing the designs of these layers can take less time and result in more profit.

A third important aspect that is crucial to that industrial insulation covers are effective blankets is their design. The layers of these blankets must fit perfectly around the three-dimensional system with intricate shapes. In contrast, insulation blankets with removable layers are made of 2D material, thus requiring the necessity of translating shapes from 3D to 2D accurately.

When accurately made, the shapes need to be wrapped, then fastened with different ways. Fasteners are essential to the blankets. Making the choice of applying various material varieties and changing between different types of materials could increase the design and effort. This could slow down the process and reduce profitability. If you are a designer or manufacturer of modular insulation covers ExactFlat will help you design it fast and right and increase profitability. Check out the video below to learn more. iy4s9n1gk2.

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