Above the Garage Home Addition Tips to Follow – First HomeCare Web

Above the Garage Home Addition Tips to Follow – First HomeCare Web


It’s an excellent method to display your work and get support from family and friends.

Why Garage Home Extensions Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding a living space above the garage can be a fantastic way to increase the value of your house, since it can be rented out or used for visitors. If your home isn’t big enough the garage is a perfect option to boost the square footage. The ROI for additional living space can be quite impressive.

An exercise area can be to be

You don’t have the time for a drive to the gym, however you’d like to stay in good shape. A home remodel that is on the garage is a great way to create a small and well-equipped home gym without taking the space of your main residence. The garage can also be utilized for dance classes, yoga, or any other type of fitness.

Install the Home Office

Are you an employee who works from home? An addition to your garage could become an office. The office will be equipped with all the facilities including electricity and internet. There is no need to stop your work in order to put in water filters or buy appliances. It is possible to create a working area and leave the remainder of the house unoccupied.

Invitation to Family and Friends

If you live in a house that is large or crowded then your garage can prove useful. It is more convenient to host your family and friends over an extended period with a cozy space above your garage. It is also a great place to host visitors staying overnight.

Keep Rental Occupants Seperate

Many people are turning to Airbnb and other on-line services for the purpose of renting areas and rooms within their houses. The above-garage home extension is an excellent option to offer an additional space for renters and not interfere with your regular life. The above-ground space can be helpful if you’re only beginning to explore short-term rental and you want to keep things apart from your own home.


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