Everything You Should Know About Nema 5-15 Power Adapters – Andre Blog

Everything You Should Know About Nema 5-15 Power Adapters – Andre Blog


The device permits the plug of an electrical device that is 3-pronged to 2 pronged standard outlets. It’s compatible for a range of electronic gadgets, from computers and laptops to electric shavers and radios. NEMA 5-15 adapters work by taking the three-pronged connector of an electrical device and adapting it into the standard outlet with two prongs. The adapter is made up of two prongs which fit in the outlet. There is also a third one that is protruding through the back of the adapter. The third prong joins the ground wires of a three-pronged electrical device plug.

Power adapters for NEMA5 15 have several advantages. They permit electrical appliances to work in environments where outlets are two-pronged. This could be beneficial if you’re traveling and need to utilize an electrical device within an older house or office that do have outlets that are three-pronged. Furthermore, through a ground connection the NEMA 5-15 power adapters will shield your device from electricity spikes. This can be important when you live in an area with frequent storms as well as other weather conditions that are severe. NEMA 5-15 adapters, that are not expensive can make it effortless and inexpensive to make use of the three-pronged system in any environment.


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