Repair Your Tire in A Few Easy Steps – Car Talk Credits

Repair Your Tire in A Few Easy Steps – Car Talk Credits


You can fix it yourself with a couple of basic tools. The video below demonstrates how repairs to tires are relatively easy for as long as you’ve got the proper equipment. A compressor of a small size is a must, and the spare tire or two.

Patching a tire is the first step in repairing it. Repairing tires typically requires at least two patches. A sidewall patch is the most popular form. Once the patch is removed, it must be removed off your tire to ensure it doesn’t re-puncture. Use a screwdriver, or any other tool to get the object out of your tire. Check that the object is level on the tread. If you are removing items from the tires, ensure they are held by the handles or edges.

It is also necessary to repair the puncture and then put air in the tire to ensure it is able to hold pressure once more. The first step is to clean the outside of your tire carefully using a wet cloth. Then use a patch kit or air pump, or compressor to inflate your tires with fresh air. Then, you can apply the rubber cement around the edge of every patch. push it firmly until it is perfectly. mbu7calyeb.

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