What to Know About Solar Installation –

What to Know About Solar Installation –



able benefits. Here’s what you have in order to understand about solar installation.

Conceptual basis for installing solar panels:

Begin by preparing the scaffolding. It will be constantly working your way up to the top of your roof.

2. Once you have climbed up onto the roof, connect the solar brackets for mounting the panels. The most efficient method to mount the panels is to make them in a straight fashion. Also, the angle should be slightly tilted to ensure they harness energy from the sun better.

3. Next, install the panels. Most solar panels easily fit into solar mounts and you must screw them tight to ensure that they do not be pushed out or move when powerful winds come in.

Step 4: When solar panels have been installed, wiring your solar panels into your invert is second step. An MC4 cable is suitable for all types of solar panels. Before wiring, ensure that your home’s electricity supply is shut off.

5. Install the solar inverter near the panel that is electrical. Inverters should not be installed where sunlight can directly hit the inverters directly. Inverters are most effective for indoors and under shaded areas.

Step 6. Connect the solar converter and the consumer unit to generate energy.

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