The Difference Between Server Latency and Bandwidth –

The Difference Between Server Latency and Bandwidth –


For companies, it might be beneficial to be aware of the differences between the two terms bandwidth and latency for servers. Keep reading to do just what you need to know!

In the event of a slow load, it will result in poor customer experience when visiting your site. These will make your website be slow and computers becomes sluggish. This can affect your organization’s productivity in addition to the ability of employees to perform their jobs. Though you may believe that they’re similar, the fact is that bandwidth is a different thing. Bandwidth refers to the bandwidth that servers use. It is the latency on the opposite hand, is the effect of this.

The latency increases for more websites that are hosted at the same time on the same server. The drives are able to store vastly different data. Private servers are sometimes preferred. Private servers enable you to manage the data stored. Also, it is more secure for your data.

For more details on latency and bandwidth go to the video embedded in this post. This video provides a great understanding of the web hosting process and what it means. Contact a firm which works with cloud-based servers and ask them how you can benefit from their service.


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