Can You 3D-Print a House? – Art Magazines Online

Can You 3D-Print a House? – Art Magazines Online

This offers new possibilities for engineers who could not think of it. Printing isn’t just for parts we require for our small machines however, we also have the capacity to print entire engine parts or even spacecraft components. Recent spacecraft have made it possible to 3D print a pizza in space. This is an important breakthrough in space food. Now, engineers are considering tackling the housing crisis. Using the power of the incredible 3D printer users can fully build houses within 24-hours. In this video, we will walk you through the entire process, and discuss what’s next for 3d printed homes.

Every 3D printed house is a stunning construction piece. It has countless layers that are slowly added to each other while simultaneously drying. It is a huge machine needed to construct the home, but all-in-all it is basically laying concrete on top of concrete. A home can be built in just two days by using an automated method like this. This record-breaking time can alter the market for housing around the globe. It is a safe method to design specific floor plans is vital to future sd printing of houses.


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