What is a Hot Rod? – Global World of Business

What is a Hot Rod? – Global World of Business


s someone go about building an auto kit hot rod?

Hot rods are any vehicle which has been altered to speed up or more fashionable, depending on the manufacturer. The hot rodding of bikes, cars or other equipment is possible. Because invention is at its core that’s why it’s so broad.

A traditional hot rod in terms of automotive is one that is older Ford 1934 or later that has had its fenders cut off. That isn’t to say other vehicles aren’t capable of being turned into a hot rod but purists point to the time period of ’33 to ’34 Ford as the most authentic hot rod.

If you’re looking to create yourself a hot rod, you’re able to use any model that’s your favorite. It’s easier to get reliable information when you’re searching for a traditional hot rod.

To determine the correct car, investigate. There are a lot of forums available online to aid in the search for that perfect hot rod or your mechanic and owner of a junkyard might be able to point at the correct path as well.

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