Is Driving without Auto Insurance a Crime? – Free Litigation Advice

Is Driving without Auto Insurance a Crime? – Free Litigation Advice


Mage’s suffering is that of other people. A driver’s license is not required for insurance on autos because some people buy cars which they then insure, or have someone else take the wheel. The cost of auto insurance without the driver’s license is costly. Insurance companies want to be sure that you’re not high-risk.

Do I need to purchase auto insurance? Yes. Yes. Each states has minimum requirements in insurance in order to protect others from expenses related to property damage and personal injury. You also could purchase full coverage insurance that protects your car against damages from collisions, theft, vandalism and various other frequently encountered hazards.

What if I don’t have insurance but want to drive my car? Unfortunately, no. It is illegal to drive your car without at least the required minimum insurance coverage that is needed for travel.

Do I need to be covered to get tickets? Yes. Yes. You may be ticketed and fined for driving with no government-mandated insurance. The car you do not have insurance could be held by an authority. It is therefore essential to be covered by an auto insurance policy that shields you from financial liability in the event of accident-related damages. agc9p3rfv3.

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