Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient? – Blogging Information

Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient? – Blogging Information


The Freedonia Group, the expected demand for metal roofing could climb another 2.3% in 2023. Todd Miller, President of Isiah Industries discusses how metal roofing can reduce energy consumption.

Metal roofing is energy efficient in three different ways. Metal roofing is efficient because of its thermal mass. Tiles as well as the rest of them retain heat throughout the day. Metal is able to lose heat and gain it fast. There is a chance to save 25% by cooling down your residence in summer.

The reflective coating on their roofs is the other reason that metal roofs can help save energy. It also prevents a home from overheating. Even dark-colored roofs reflect radiant heat. These types of roofs are admissible for tax credit under the Energy Star program. Metal roofs come in far many colors than tile roofs.

The integral air space between the metal roof shingles and roof decking lumber blocks conductive heat transfer. This works in the same manner as the dead space between panes on a thermal pane windows. This prevents crawlspaces or attics from getting too hot. The heat from the attics could damage asphalt roofing. gt6xjmct68.

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