What Exactly is Dark Fiber? – Technology Magazine

What Exactly is Dark Fiber? – Technology Magazine


Vocus Communications offers a simple but effective way to deal with possible leaks in network communications. Dark fiber.

This is a “secure optical fiber network” with two distinct locations. Dark fiber isolates important information from other networks to send data from one location to the next without being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The information that is sent can only be accessible to anyone you choose.

The technology comes with a major benefit: it allows you to make use of the device you have to install it. It can also be managed without any need for other hardware. It’s an affordable, effective, and secure solution to your data transfer problem.

You also get faster rates and cost-effective operation on every point-to -point connection. You will never experience any downtime.

In a world constantly upgrading and transforming its technology the business you run will require the most reliable and secure solutions available to manage the sensitive information. This is possible using dark fiber. hacfmnbkkt.

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