Public To Private School How Do They Stack Up? – Infomax Global

Public To Private School How Do They Stack Up? – Infomax Global


The public schools, in this comparison, are schools operated by the federal government. In the United States, the majority of public school systems are funded by the local county’s property tax and other money provided by the government. In Europe families pay tuition fees for a public school system, but their local government still runs the system.

Private schools in the United States are managed by private companies, and parents paying out-of-pocket tuition fees. Private school tuition costs average around 8-10 thousand dollars per year. There are more than 33,000 private school with more than 5 million students enrolled. Comparatively there are more students in public schools is higher than 50 million.

The plans for curriculum in the public school system are very rigid. They limit what teachers have the ability to teach. They make their curriculum decisions in private schools. private schools can be more accommodating. Private schools have a policy to have at least 75% affiliation with a religious group. They also incorporate conservative values and a traditional constitutionalism into their educational curriculum. The statistics show that 95% of students who graduate from private schools are admitted to colleges, while only 49% of those who attend public schools have the opportunity to do so. jbk449ctjw.

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