Inspecting Your Roof for Hail Damage – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

Inspecting Your Roof for Hail Damage – AT HOME INSPECTIONS


Once on the roofing, your very first step will likely be to look for damage done towards the shingles. You’re able to see it by searching for shadowy spots in the shingles. This is where the hail has struck on the shingles and then shifted the granules that stick into the roofing. This includes exposed the black asphalt at the bottom of this shake. Finally, sunlight will deteriorate that asphalt just like it’d a asphalt like it’d a highway, plus it might cause a flow on your own roof.

When you locate these spots, draw a line under them with your own chalk. Next, have an image of the area with your cell phone.

Next, inspect any vent coverings for the damage. Todo this, the group urges setting round the vent pliers together with your hand to get any dents. Once you locate the dents, choose your chalk, also using it on its side, color across the region. This will color across the vent nevertheless also leave the dented area clear, helping make the dent straightforward to spot in a photograph.

Spotting hail damage to a own roof may be hard, but adhering to these tips can assist, but just when it is safe to have in your roof. llkta6qfql.

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